My Life as a Woman With Colorblindness

I do a lot of crafting and I’m very artistic — that’s ironic, I know — so I do this with clothes, and paint colors, and ribbon, and thread. I’ve done it so many thousands of times it doesn’t even feel weird for me anymore. It’s like I’m on autopilot. “Hi, my name is Brooke. I have color vision deficiency. Could you tell me which one of these is bright red?” At the beginning you can see in their face they’re thinking, what is this person about to do? Is this some kind of Candid Camera thing? I explain that I’m serious, that I really can’t tell what color something is, and then their face softens and they smile and want to help.

This was such a great read. I have a super mild red-green color deficiency but it was amazing to read Brooke’s experience with colors and how she perceives some colors as being different but not really being sure why.

Apple Park Visitor Center Accessibility

Great Twitter thread on all of the attention that went into making Apple’s new visitor center accessible.

When You Feel Overwhelmed

Chris Bowler’s email newsletter today was so timely. When you start to feel overwhelmed, take a break and figure out why. Reasses what’s most important. Stop focusing on what is not getting done. In particular, I love this:

There’s a tricky balance to be found here. Systems, habits, and routines are wonderful tools, but terrible masters. I’m in control — and every so often the system needs a reboot, not me.

The Ten Toughest Questions the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Gets

We’ve spent $15.3 billion on vaccines over the past 18 years. And it’s been a terrific investment. Better immunization is one reason why the number of children who die has gone down by so much, from almost 10 million in 2000 to 5 million last year. That’s 5 million families that didn’t have to suffer the trauma of losing a daughter or a son, a sister or a brother.

5 million kids saved. Blows me away, and this is a really well written letter answering some really hard questions.

Pray Shorter Prayers

We never introduce ourselves to his highness for the first time, or reintroduce ourselves suspecting he’s too important and busy to remember our name. Prayer is not a conversation we start, but a response to the God who speaks first, calls first, and claims us as his own, even before we return interest in faith and prayer.

How I Planned And Shot An Erupting Volcano With The Milky Way

Albert Dros talks about, in great detail, his process for finding this perfect shot of an erupting volcano and the milky way. There’s a ton to learn from here if you’re into photography at all.

Minimalist Bullet Journal

Love this video where Matt Ragland shows us what his bullet journalling looks like. I love these views into how people organize their productivity. In particular, I was intrigued with his monthly mood tracker:

Mood tracker

There is a check-in for the morning and the evening and it gives him a quick view into how he’s doing. He also showed off a yearly grid he’s going to work on in 2018 to get a bigger view over the whole year. I definitely struggle at times with annual fall depression, so that idea of tracking how you’re feeling and getting more data really resonated with me.

(h/t Shawn Blanc)

He Was and Is and Is to Come

He was and is and is to come

Before air
Or light
Or spinning spheres
Before laughter, shouting, joy, or tears
Before everything we’ve ever touched
Or held or stroked or tried to reach
Or thought to say, or tried to teach
Before oceans, and creatures, and soaring heights
Before depths and mysteries
And first winged flights
Before anything that we now see
And love or long for, or want to be
Before all the dreaming and inventions
Before all the scheming and conventions
Before all the cultures and the nations
Before all life’s great and strange sensations
Before everything we’ve ever seen…
…And done
He was
And is
And is to come

The illustration of this poem is simply marvelous. And now it’s available as a book.

50 Megapixel iPhone Panoramas

For 7 consecutive days I will be posting a series of 50+ Megapixel Panoramic Photographs shot on an @apple iPhone 7, from the belly of a LearJet from 20,000 feet above the earth.

This is beautiful, and such a cool idea.

Generating C From Curl

So this is pretty cool, you can export any curl command as a mini-C program. Just pass --libcurl foo.c.

How to Take a Picture of a Stealth Bomber Over the Rose Bowl

Rose Bowl

It’s hard. Things are happening really quick. It’s very fluid. I’m flying at 100 miles per hour. They are flying 200 miles an hour in the other [direction]. So, that’s 300 miles per hour. Things happen really quickly.

Such an amazing shot! Love it.

Matt Chandler on Parenting Priorities

Take 5 minutes to watch this excerpt from a recent Matt Chandler message.

Here’s what we learned. There’s data now to back this up. Kids are not being secularized in college. They’re being secularized at home before they’re sent to college by well-meaning Christian parents who can’t tease out the value balance between sports, activities, and the gathering of the people of God.

Can you imagine going and trying to wake up your kid for school at whatever time you have to wake them up and them just going, “I’m not feeling it. I’m not going”? “Oh, okay. Well, never mind then.” To parent that way… Listen. I’m for you. I’m not against you. I’m not trying to shame you. To parent this way… This is what’s true about the data. Half-hearted obedience to Jesus Christ in this generation leads to full rebellion against him in the next.

I don’t think sports, choir, band or whatever 5 things kids get involved in are necessarily bad. As a kid, I took art classes, swimming lessons, played soccer and even was on a bowling team, if you can believe it. One of the best things about childhood is the permission (and even blessing) of doing a lot of different things. This is how we grow and discover the things we’re good at: by trying out a lot of different things and having permission to be bad at them.

Parents in the last few decades have forgotten this key part, though. It’s ok if your kid isn’t the best quarterback. It’s ok if he’s bad. It’s ok if he doesn’t spend every waking moment eating, thinking and breathing football, soccer or band.

Parent, you are probably not raising the next Tiger Woods or John Elway. It’s ok if your kid sometimes misses practice. It’s ok to play sports or band or do something and not be the absolute best at it. Don’t get your priorities all out of whack.

Deep Bible Reading Strategies for the Tired and Busy

My goal in writing that book, and in everything I’ve ever done with regard to the Bible, is not to produce a lot of Bible nerds, but a kind of Christian who is so deep and unshakable in their convictions about eternal reality that they are not blown over by the winds of trouble and don’t simply float mindlessly along, conforming to the currents of contemporary culture.
I want people to use the Bible to become like oak trees.

That kind of Christian, living in that kind of crazy, counter-cultural, uncomfortable way of serving the glory of Christ is not going to come into being by mere natural cause — casual, ordinary encounters with the Bible. Something radically different has to happen in the presence of the Bible for this person to come into being, and to be sustained for sixty or seventy years of spiritual warfare.

I love John Piper’s imagery here. We need to be deeply saturated in the Word so we aren’t carried to and fro by the whims of culture.

Make Something Everyday

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At the end of last year I pledged to myself that I would “Make Something Every Day”. Today, I made this computer a tool in my toolbox. It feels good.

I have been re-ordering my life so that I create more. I couldn’t think of a better way to start this blog than to link to the same idea. Make something every day.