The Apology

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Not one Christian blushes or repents, unless it be for not having been a Christian sooner. If a Christian goes to trial, he goes like a victor, with the air of a triumph; if he is impeached, he glories in it; if indicted, he makes no defense at bar; when interrogated he frankly confesses, and when condemned returns thanks to his judges.

What a monster of wickedness is this, that has not one shape or feature of wickedness belonging to it ? Nothing of fear, or shame, or artifice, or repentance, or the desponding sighs of criminals attending on it. What a strange-natured evil or reverse of wickedness is this! That makes the guilty rejoice, and ambitious of accusation, and happy in punishment. Nor can you charge these odd appearances as the effects of madness, since you are altogether unacquainted with the powers of the Christian religion.

I saved this in my journal four years ago today. It’s from Tertullian’s apology (defense) of the faith. When Christians are prosecuted for their faith, when they faced torture and death, when they stand accused as being Christ’s followers, what do they do? They don’t repent of their faith, the only thing they repent of is “for not having been a Christian sooner”.

What a testimony.